Month: March 2018

Featured Project: Sacred Heart University

White Birch Honed

Designed by The S/L/A/M Collaborative and built by Turner Construction,  the Pierre Toussaint Hall at Sacred Heart University features a large, elegant living room that is both modern and warm with a sleek, modern aesthetic with a retro feel, it fronts onto a newly formed quadrangle outdoor space to be further defined by future residential halls. Two grand full-height stone fireplaces flank the entryway, faced with Realstone Systems white birch honed panels, drawing you straight back to the monumental salt-water aquarium. The overall space is complemented by unique lighting and a warm wood ceiling.


How to guides for Reclaimed Wood installation

Acclimation Recommendations

Due to natural moisture absorption in wood products, an acclimation period is recommended. To acclimate the Reclaimed Wood panels, unbox and unwrap all pieces for the installation and let acclimate for 3-5 days in the space and climate the product will be installed. This process allows the wood to adjust to the humidity and temperature conditions of the installation site.  For detailed info and to download use the link below

General Reclaimed Wood Installation guide: English

Installation Tips

•  Carpentry or wood installation tools must be used, wet saw usage is not   recommended.

• Substrate wall looks best painted a dark color since it may be visible through the knot holes.

• Cut the mesh from around the knot holes so it is not visible on the front of the application.

• We recommend Bostic Climb, Bosti-Set or equivalent adhesive for wood installation.

• Use small finishing nails for additional support.

Serpentine curved sound blocking wall in Sierra Accentstone Panels

David Solmes of Sonoma Mission Gardens used Sierra Accentstone Panels installed vertically, for this  8’ high by 57’ long CMU wall . The wall was designed to be a gently-arched, serpentine “S” shape. The main goal was sound attenuation to buffer traffic noise from an adjacent roadway. To further mitigate the sound, a water feature was incorporated into the wall. The 3’ wide “sheer descent” was installed in a recessed portion of the wall so that the water feature hardware was flush with face of stone. When not in operation, the water feature is barely noticeable. Water spills from a height of about 4’ disappears into a reservoir that is hidden in a bed of cobblestone. Special engineering and permitting was required. With the gentle curve of the wall, no special cuts were needed.  Up-lighting adds further drama at night.