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Castle Hill Faux Stone

February 19, 2023


Castlehill stone profiles were created with decades of industry knowledge by experienced stone masons who set out to develop a line of products with superior attributes. Castlehill Stone has natural features, exquisite composition, and authentic beauty.

Superior Faux stone Product Manufacturing

Castlehill faux stone profiles are hand-crafted by masons, for masons. The painstaking mold creation process starts with the selection of natural stones which are then chiseled, shaped, and enhanced as they would be by stone masons prior to a natural stone installation. Once the base profile stones have been perfected, the team carefully crafts a series of molds. The molds are created with a high-end polymer without shrinkage or cosmetic alterations to the base stones. The finished result is a stone nearly indistinguishable from the natural stone.

Faux Stone Product Collections

With ever-evolving collections, Castlehill has a product for every design aesthetic. Castlehill products are available in a wide range of products from Thin Brick to large format Cobble Stones in a wide range of the most sought after colors.

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