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This white-on-white kitchen has a few surprises

This beautiful white-on-white kitchen has a few surprises with a deep blue island and gold hardware paired with stainless appliances. Tempered Fog tiles bring depth and interest to pull the project together.

Designer: Charleene’s Houses LLC

Distributor: Chesapeake Tile and Marble Inc.


“As soon as I saw this tile I knew it would be the perfect way to pull the entire kitchen together. The texture and color of the glaze adds warmth and interest to simple white cabinets while the tile and counters look like they were made for each other.  “

  – homeowner

1. Tempered Fog Tiles 2. White cabinet finish 3. Brushed gold bar cabinet pull  4. Paint: Benjamin Moore Symphony Blue  5.Stainless hardware and appliances  6. Counter in Carrara

5 Great Reasons For Sleeping In

I chose Realstone because it was important to me to use, well, real stone! I wanted an organic feel to the room: wood, stone, linen; so I wanted to stay away from the pressed concrete type materials.Also, the color and texture of the White Birch Honed panels supported the streamlined “Nordic” look I was going for.

Sort of a moot point in the end, but another big thing for me was how Realstone did their corners. I saw the interlocking “fingers” as a huge benefit over other materials to achieve the natural look I was going for. But ultimately we went with a “framed” look with the walnut side panels so we didn’t need to wrap the corners after all.

– Pat Walsh, homeowner

Homes like these are made for staycations

Nestled in the hills of North Irvine is the new Altair master-planned community.  Estrella, by Toll Brothers is a community boasting the most expansive home designs with beautiful views and lush landscaping. The transitional designs created by LandCreative Inc. combine classic architectural elements in the home with modern landscape design outside.

The overall goal in the design was to create homes with a personal, resort-like experience within the backyard. Realstone Carbon Honed panels were used to create elegant and soothing water features including a pool, waterfall and fountain, contrasting the dark charcoal color of the stone with the light limestone pool surround.


Featured Project: Luxury Wine Room Ceiling

After completing several previous projects for these homeowners, we were very excited to work with them again to create a new wine storage room.  Since we had plenty of height, I suggested that we consider a ceiling feature to bring the eye up, possibly a brick or tile.  The client fell in love with the Hive Etched Cream tiles in our local showroom, and the rest of our design evolved from that selection.  We were initially concerned about installing such a large, thick tile on the ceiling. The Realstone Systems rep was very helpful and gave us specific instructions on how to install the tile so our tile contractor was prepared for the proper installation. The trickiest part of the installation was getting a perfect circle cut into the tile to allow for a thick chandelier canopy to be countersunk into the tile ceiling.  The result was stunning!  The Hive tile imparts a warm limestone feel that complements the traditional tones and materials used in other parts of the house, but the shape and dimensional facets resonate with the clean modern lines of the chandelier.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the final result or the service we received.

– Monica Lewis Miller, Design Consultant & Sales Manager, J.S.Brown & Co.

Realstone Dealer: Hamilton Parker

Featured Project: Chatham Day School with Sierra Accentstone

Walter Kneis and Marlene Borruso of NK Architects selected Realstone Sierra Accentstone to create a grand two story feature wall at Chatham Day School in New Jersey. Bathed in natural light streaming from above,The wall is embedded with niches, each of which holds a  photo of a CDS student. The labor intensive project was completed by Joseph A. Natoli Construction Corp and was awarded a 2017 silver medal for “Feature Element” by the Newark and Suburban Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The airy, light filled  space and  the wall of photos creates an environment where every student is a star pupil.                                       

Featured Project: Sacred Heart University

White Birch Honed

Designed by The S/L/A/M Collaborative and built by Turner Construction,  the Pierre Toussaint Hall at Sacred Heart University features a large, elegant living room that is both modern and warm with a sleek, modern aesthetic with a retro feel, it fronts onto a newly formed quadrangle outdoor space to be further defined by future residential halls. Two grand full-height stone fireplaces flank the entryway, faced with Realstone Systems white birch honed panels, drawing you straight back to the monumental salt-water aquarium. The overall space is complemented by unique lighting and a warm wood ceiling.


Serpentine curved sound blocking wall in Sierra Accentstone Panels

David Solmes of Sonoma Mission Gardens used Sierra Accentstone Panels installed vertically, for this  8’ high by 57’ long CMU wall . The wall was designed to be a gently-arched, serpentine “S” shape. The main goal was sound attenuation to buffer traffic noise from an adjacent roadway. To further mitigate the sound, a water feature was incorporated into the wall. The 3’ wide “sheer descent” was installed in a recessed portion of the wall so that the water feature hardware was flush with face of stone. When not in operation, the water feature is barely noticeable. Water spills from a height of about 4’ disappears into a reservoir that is hidden in a bed of cobblestone. Special engineering and permitting was required. With the gentle curve of the wall, no special cuts were needed.  Up-lighting adds further drama at night.