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40 Inspiring Fireplace Ideas

It’s the cozy time of year and no one has more gorgeous cladding products for fireplaces than Realstone. For the rest of the month, we will share 10 inspirational fireplaces a week.

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Silver Alabaster Shadowstone

Silver Alabaster Shadowstone 

Hive Driftwood

Bristol Black Estate Stone

Latte Honed

Realstone Chiseled Cream Hive Tiles

Realstone Frost Honed Panels

Realstone Frost Honed Panels and Tempered Fog Tiles

Realstone Sierra Shadowstone and Charcoal Shadowstone Panels

Realstone White Birch Honed Panels and Tiles

Realstone Charcoal Shadowstone Panels

Realstone Arctic White  Shadowstone Panels

Realstone Nero Honed Panels

Realstone Pewter Honed Panels

Realstone White Birch Honed Panels


How to use Sherwin Williams color of the year Naval

Sherwin Willimas recently announced their color of the year for 2020, Naval. This choice comes as no surprise as we have seen many of our favorite designers favoring deep shades of blue for some time. Here is one of our most popular living room images showing deep blue armchairs and coordinating accents throughout. The space has a clean, crisp look, and pairs Naval with shades of white and the texture of natural stone.

1. White Birch Honed Panels 2. Paidge armchair, West Elm  3. Paint: Sherwin Willams Naval  4. Glass coffee table  5. Modern Floral Rug 

Here is a kitchen showing a dark shade of blue paired with white and blue-grey Tempered Fog Tiles.



Featured Project Program


When you’ve worked hard on your design and love the results you want to share it with the world! With our Featured Project Program, we want to help you do just that. Selected projects will be shared anywhere from our weekly email newsletter to our social media, website and even our catalogs.

How to submit:
1. Take plenty of high-quality photos of your finished projects or for best results work with a professional.
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2. Identify the Realstone products used.
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Natural Stone Veneer from Realstone

Top 5 home exterior trends

From contemporary to traditional natural stone products bring character and depth to home exteriors. With our customers boundless imagination there are so many incredible projects to choose from. We have selected just a few of our most popular projects trending on our website

Toni Sims Design Studio

Derrick Builders

“Our focus on this project, from beginning to end, was a consideration of balance.  Old and new, traditional and current elements, are what make this exterior interesting and relevant to today’s clientele. We kept the balance between traditional French elements on the exterior and added Realstone’s Berkshire Buff product, which lended a more current feeling to the stone element of the home. We did not want to have an expected stone such as tumbled with grout, but rather something updated yet still complementary to the traditional French architecture.  Realstone’s Berkshire Buff was the perfect stone selection to accomplish this. Although traditional in its color tones, it has a modern edge and upscale look which is strongly appealing  to today’s clientele.  Its shape, cut and dry-stack look compliments the traditional exterior and creates an authentic finished look giving a nod to both the traditional elements of the French exterior and the updated stone elements which creates interest and relevancy thus producing a great balance in the amazing exterior of the overall finished home.”

– Toni Sims

Natural Stone Veneer from Realstone



Gorgeous Natural Stone Neutrals for Interior and Exterior Design

With natural stone neutral is never bland or boring. It can be warm or cool, sparkle or shine. It can be rough or smooth and show off all the beauty that nature has to offer with veining, color variations and sometimes even fossils.  If your taste isn’t quite white on white or shades of grey, try one of our many gorgeous neutrals.

You can find many more neutrals by visiting our product pages and filtering by ‘Color’ then ‘Neutral’.

Featured Product: Carbon

Not that long ago charcoal slate was the go-to product when a grey-blue cladding was needed. Today there are many options and the customer palate has embraced bold contrast and color. One of our favorites is our Carbon. It is a travertine with a deep grey color, subtle speckling and looks gorgeous both honed and with a cleft face. Carbon works well in both contemporary and traditional projects and is available in three patterns, two finishes, matching corner pieces and hearths.

How to pair natural stone with 2019 colors of the year

White and Pale tones create the perfect neutral backdrop and allow for the bright Living Coral to really pop.


Paired with black and dark grey toned natural stone, Metropolitan pairs beautifully with some of the most interesting stone panels and tiles we have to offer.


Cream and warm-toned stone pairs well with the earthy warmth of Cavern Clay. Try it as a contrasting color or tone-on-tone.