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realstone  SYSTEMS  TM
                                                           Inspiring. Timeless. Enduring.


                         Realstone introduces a revolution in stone and tile.

                         We’ve taken our finest natural stone and tempered it

                         with an artist’s palette to create the uniquely rich, polished

                         look of glazed tile and genuine leather. The distinctive

                         stone cleft of every piece enhances the depth of color and

                         texture, and with fifteen stunning colors to choose from,

                         there are no limits to the beauty that can be created.

                                                           realstone SYSTEMS   TM
                                                                    Inspiring. Timeless. Enduring.
                                                   Erin Adams

                   Erin Adams is an award-winning design innovator and one of today’s foremost mosaic tile
                                                                            D E S
                   designers. In her work as both artisan and interior designer, Erin infuses sophisticated urban
                   sensibilities with elements of the folk art tradition that surrounded her as a child.
                   Erin’s work has graced the homes of numerous celebrities and been featured in numerous
                   network TV shows and magazines.                  V               D
                   Erin has designed exclusive collections for numerous companies including Ann Sacks, where
                                                                                 W I T H   L O

                   she was an exclusive vendor for over 13 years.
                   Her latest designs include a series of glazed stone tile mats which are part of the Realstone
                   Tempered Collection.
                                            Erin Adams

                                               WWW.REALSTONE.COM                   D
                                            C OLLEC TION  FOR E
                                                       realstone SYSTEMS    TM              I
                                                                Inspiring. Timeless. Enduring.  G

                                                                     E                         E

                                                                      V  O                 W I T H   L     D
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