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Charateristics of Natural Stone

We go to the ends of the earth to get the highest-quality stone in order to bring the beauty of nature to your projects.

Characteristics of Natural Stone

Customers have long admired the unique beauty of natural stone. Every inch of a natural stone product is made unique by color variation, veining, pitting and marbling that are a result of the formation of stone and an inherent part of its beauty. To those unfamiliar with natural stone, these traits can be confused with cracks or other defects but are in fact the very features that make customers choose natural stone over tile.

  • Veining

    Although veining can be confused with cracking, it is simply a mineral deposit in the stone, and will feel smooth under your hand as opposed to ‘catching’ like a crack. Veining can vary from large lines of color to thin pencil lines or hairlines. Realstone White Birch exhibits a variety of veining including hairlines.

  • Pitting

    Pitting is characterized by small holes throughout the surface of the stone. Depending on the size some of the pits may be filled in a neutral colored epoxy. This is a sought after trait most common in Travertine. Realstone Latte is a Travertine with some filled and non
    filled pitting.

  • Color Variation

    Color variation is part of the natural beauty of stone. To ensure satisfaction, customers should examine full size samples in person and dry-lay products prior to installation for an optimum color blend.

  • Quality Grading of Slate

    Not all slate is made the same, which is why a grading system is necessary to designate the type of product you are getting. We are proud of the S1 grading of our Charcoal and Somerset Sage slate products. This is the top rating for slate which gives it a minimum life span of 75 years.