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Project Calculator

This tool will help you get an estimate of how much product you may need for your project.

Download and use our estimating worksheet.

Although it may seem intimidating at first, determining how much product you need for a Realstone Systems installation is quite simple. Panels and tiles are applied to the flat wall surface and are ordered per piece. Corner panels come in two fingered parts. The two pieces combined equal one square foot and can be used for inside and outside corners.

Step 1

Select the product you will be using in your project.

Step 2

Determine the total project square footage by multiplying the length by the height of each surface area to be covered.

Step 3

Measure the square footage of doors, windows, and other openings by multiplying the length by the height of each surface area.

Step 4

If your project requires corner pieces, determine the lineal footage of the space.

Calculator Results

Square Footage of Panels/Tiles Needed:

Pieces of Panels/Tiles Needed:

Square Footage of Corners Needed:

Corner Pieces Needed:


Project Sq.Ft () - Sq.Ft of openings () = Adjusted Project Sq.Ft ()

Lineal Footage of Corners () x 2 = Corner Sq.Ft ()

Adjusted Project Sq.Ft () - Corner Sq.Ft () = Total Sq.Ft of Panels ()

+ 10% buffer = Total Sq.Ft of Panels to Order ()

Total Sq.Ft of Panels to Order () ÷ Sq.Ft Per Piece () =

Total Sq.Ft of Corner Panels to Order () ÷ Sq.Ft Per Corner Piece () =