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9 Grey Stone Fireplace Design Ideas

June 7, 2018

Large or small, a fireplace is the focus of any room it’s installed in. In some instances, this is an opportunity to create a fireplace surround that is eye catching and that can dominate the room. In other instances, however, what would actually work best is to create a design that is beautiful, interesting, and more subtle in the way it complements the space.

Grey stone makes a beautiful and dynamic surround for any fireplace. Grey is a neutral that pairs well with many interior designs and colors, but at the same time, it’s more interesting and has more depth than beige, taupe, or other classic neutrals. If you’re still unsure of how a grey fireplace could work in your home, be sure to check out these 9 grey stone fireplace design ideas.

1. Dual Compartment Design

Charcoal Shadowstone Panels

Oftentimes, the firebox itself is a very small area in the surround. This fireplace design utilizes some of the extra space as a storage area for wood. Above the compartments, the grey, cleft-face stone makes a nice complement to the wood, while being understated enough not to dominate the room. Extending to the ceiling, the stone also creates an accent wall that further draws the eye to this area.

2. Wood Accents

Mountain Rust Ledestone Panels

One of the best things about natural stone is the many tones and hues that it can contain. This grey stone also has a rich, warm, terracotta colored accent color that helps warm up the surround. The wood mantel and the wood accent strip around the firebox play on this accent within the stone, pulling it out and putting additional visual emphasis on it. The result is a gray fireplace surround that is also warm and welcoming.

3. Dark, Rich Design

Carbon Honed Panels

When many people think of the color grey, they may be thinking of a pale color that won’t bring much to the room as a whole. This deep, charcoal-colored stone challenges that line of thinking in a powerful way. The surround on this fireplace extends the entire wall to create an accent within the room. The dark color means that the texture of the stone gets to take center stage, while the black firebox blends right in and creates a cohesive design.

4. Geometric Appearance

Carbon Honed Panels

Natural stone fireplace surrounds frequently have a cleft face finish, but they don’t need to in order to be effective in design or beautiful. This deep grey stone surround has clean edges and a honed face to each piece of stone. The design comes from the way that some stones are elevated above others. This helps to bring dimension to the design, along with shadow that creates a geometric impression to the wall.

5. Warm Grey Column

Carbon Honed Panels

One of the reasons that grey is such a popular color for interior design with those that want a versatile neutral, is the fact that it can have undertones that are warm or cool. This grey fireplace surround has a warm undertone to it, which means that it can work well in a room with lots of natural wood, as well as other warm color schemes. Grey itself is usually considered a cool color, which means that this room gets a subtle contrast to elevate its style, as well.

6. Marbled Effect

Nero Honed Panels

Grey stone doesn’t have to be one solid color, nor does it need to contain other hues, as well. Sometimes a marble effect using shades of black, white, and grey within one stone can give you a lot of dimension, life, and interest at the same time.


To keep the stone from overwhelming this surround, the pieces are honed, or given a flat, matte finish with a square edge. This allows the color to take center stage, becoming the focal point not only of the fireplace surround, but also the room.

7. Gray Stone Fireplace with Stripes

Carbon Honed Panels

When you want a little more dimension to your surround, but you don’t want to add a lot of patterns or decorative elements, a contrasting stripe of color can be just what you need. This outdoor fireplace uses a light-colored accent to stripe the dark grey field. The color also matches the hearth and the bottom of the firebox insert to create a unified look.

8. Bump Out Design

Fireplace surrounds don’t have to be flat, nor do they need to exist on one wall only. This surround covers not only the area around the firebox extending to the ceiling, but also the bump out beside it. The effect is more dynamic and interesting than if the bump out had been left alone to be painted. This also has the added benefit of making the room look larger along that wall.

9. Herringbone Design

Venato Portugal Tiles

Natural stone’s diversity allows it to not only create plain, subtle, and rustic designs, but also dynamic contemporary styles as well. This fireplace utilizes a three dimensional design of stones laid in a herringbone pattern. The stones themselves are varying depths, which helps to create this unique look. The different shades also help to create the pattern and lend interest to the design.

Revamp Your Fireplace

The fireplace is the heart of the home. Make yours shine by cladding it with natural stone. Use any of these design ideas above as a starting point for creating the perfect fireplace and focal point for your home.