Estate Stone Berkshire Buff Sill

Estate Stone speaks of old world churches and cathedrals, castles and country manors. Stately mansions in hidden hillsides with sumptuous grounds. Bringing the rustic appearance and raw beauty of natural stacked stone of the European countryside to our Western landscape. The timeless charm of Estate Stone instantly transforms a structure into an inspired treasure.

The sill accessory also features a drip edge, which helps to aid in water runoff and prevents moisture issues.

  • Estate Stone Berkshire Buff Sill Image
  • Product Size: 23.5"x3"
  • Stone Type: Quartzite
  • Finish: Chiseled Face
  • Usage: Interior,Exterior,Walls,Water Feature,Commercial,Residential
  • Available Accessories: Corners,Hearths,Sills,Column Caps
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