Serpentine curved sound blocking wall in Sierra Accentstone Panels

David Solmes of Sonoma Mission Gardens used Sierra Accentstone Panels installed vertically, for this  8’ high by 57’ long CMU wall . The wall was designed to be a gently-arched, serpentine “S” shape. The main goal was sound attenuation to buffer traffic noise from an adjacent roadway. To further mitigate the sound, a water feature was incorporated into the wall. The 3’ wide “sheer descent” was installed in a recessed portion of the wall so that the water feature hardware was flush with face of stone. When not in operation, the water feature is barely noticeable. Water spills from a height of about 4’ disappears into a reservoir that is hidden in a bed of cobblestone. Special engineering and permitting was required. With the gentle curve of the wall, no special cuts were needed.  Up-lighting adds further drama at night.