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Top 5 home exterior trends

June 19, 2020

From contemporary to traditional natural stone products bring character and depth to home exteriors. With our customers boundless imagination there are so many incredible projects to choose from. We have selected just a few of our most popular projects trending on our website

Toni Sims Design Studio

Derrick Builders

“Our focus on this project, from beginning to end, was a consideration of balance.  Old and new, traditional and current elements, are what make this exterior interesting and relevant to today’s clientele. We kept the balance between traditional French elements on the exterior and added Realstone’s Berkshire Buff product, which lended a more current feeling to the stone element of the home. We did not want to have an expected stone such as tumbled with grout, but rather something updated yet still complementary to the traditional French architecture.  Realstone’s Berkshire Buff was the perfect stone selection to accomplish this. Although traditional in its color tones, it has a modern edge and upscale look which is strongly appealing  to today’s clientele.  Its shape, cut and dry-stack look compliments the traditional exterior and creates an authentic finished look giving a nod to both the traditional elements of the French exterior and the updated stone elements which creates interest and relevancy thus producing a great balance in the amazing exterior of the overall finished home.”

– Toni Sims

Natural Stone Veneer from Realstone