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Reclaimed Wood Dark StartUp Nation Office Interior

Reclaimed Wood Dark StartUp Nation Office Interior

“The business owner wanted an open work environment that promoted collaboration and creativity. He liked using local, reclaimed materials and furniture from Michigan based companies.  He inspired the graffiti art by wanting to feature visionary imagery.  We sought out local artists that completed our design intent resulting in a mix of classic design and reclaimed rustic materials that gives a unique warmth to the environment we created for his team.”

  – Hilary Bell, NCIDQ, LEED AP | Premier Construction & Design


“I really like the idea of repurposing materials.  The thought that these boards were once boats with a long history and story adds to the allure of the product.  The walls are not only beautiful, but they have a soul that is evident in their appearance. I do a lot of work with reclaimed wood and found the product to be very consistent in dimension and quality.  Although no two pieces are the same, the sheets still fit together with ease.”        

  – Jason Cornish | Carpenter, Crooked Tree Fine Woodworking

When designing our Reclaimed Wood Panels, we wanted to craft them out of a material that is both beautiful and sustainable, and our search led us to Teak. Revered for its strength and durability by shipbuilders, and chosen for its natural beauty by furniture makers, this highly-coveted wood strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Hand-selected and masterfully-crafted, these reclaimed Teak wood pieces blend together seamlessly into a mesh-backed panel that is easy to install and delivers an application that is sure to stand out.

Natural elements like knot holes and wood grain will vary from piece to piece where there may be some or no occurrence. Recommended acclamation period for reclaimed wood is 3-5 days


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Reclaimed Wood Dark Panel

Item #: RWP-DRK

Material Type: Wood

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