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How to Update a Brick Fireplace with Stone 

June 8, 2023

  • White Stone Fireplace 
  • Faux Stone Fireplace 
  • Stone Fireplace Ideas 
  • Fireplace Hearth Stone 
  • Stone Fireplace Mantels 
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 


Hey there! Are you tired of looking at that old, outdated brick fireplace? Well, we have got some exciting news for you! You can give it a stunning makeover by updating it with beautiful stone. Yes, you heard that right—stone! In this article, we will take you on a journey, guiding you step-by-step through the process of transforming your brick fireplace into a jaw-dropping masterpiece. So, let us dive in and sprinkle some magic on that fireplace of yours! 

Why Update a Brick Fireplace?

Let’s talk about why you should consider waving goodbye to that dull brick and welcoming the beauty of stone fireplace surround into your life. Picture this: elegance, sophistication, and a major style upgrade. That’s the power of stone! It adds texture, depth, and visual interest, instantly turning your fireplace into a captivating focal point. Plus, updating your brick fireplace with stone gives you the chance to let your personality shine and create a space that reflects your unique style and taste. 

fireplace image with a light color textured natural stone veneer fireplace with tv

Choosing the Right Stone

Before we get our hands dirty, let’s have a chat about choosing the perfect stone for your fireplace makeover. It’s not just about slapping any old stone on there—it’s about finding “the one.” First, quality is key! You want stones that can withstand the test of time and still look fabulous. Second, think about the style you’re going for. Are you into rustic vibes, modern flair, or maybe a traditional look? The stone you choose should align with your vision. Oh, and don’t forget about color and texture! Go wild and explore different colors and textures to create that “wow” factor you’ve been dreaming of. 

Stone Fireplace Surround

Ah, the stone fireplace surround—the pièce de résistance! This is where the magic happens, my friend. A stone surround instantly elevates your fireplace, transforming it into a showstopper that will leave everyone in awe. Picture this: limestone, granite, quartzite, slate—each with its own unique charm, ready to take your fireplace to the next level. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional look that screams timeless beauty or a minimalist design that exudes modern vibes, the stone fireplace surround is your chance to make a bold statement and create a space that will make your jaws drop. 

White Stone Fireplace

If sleek and modern is your jam, then a white stone fireplace is calling your name. It’s the epitome of elegance and purity, brightening up the room with its radiant charm. Just imagine the way it effortlessly complements your interior style, making you feel like you’re living in a magazine-worthy space. For that luxurious and timeless appeal, consider using white marble or white quartzite. Trust us, a white stone fireplace will take your breath away every single time. 

Faux Stone Fireplace

Now, let’s talk about a little something called budget. We get it, and we’ve got you covered! Say hello to the budget-friendly alternative: faux stone! With faux stone, you can achieve the elegance and charm of the real deal without breaking the bank. It’s lightweight, versatile, and can be easily installed over your existing brick fireplace. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? 

Stone Fireplace Ideas

Are you ready to let your creativity run wild? Good, because when it comes to stone fireplaces, the possibilities are endless! Here are some inspiring ideas to get those creative juices flowing: 


  1. Stack Stone Fireplace: Create a visually captivating fireplace by using stacked stone. This technique adds texture and dimension, giving your space a wow factor that will impress everyone who sees it. 
  2. Rustic Stone Fireplace: Longing for that cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel? Incorporate rough-hewn stones and reclaimed wood into your fireplace design for a rustic charm that will transport you to a serene retreat. 
  3. 3-Sided Fireplace: Why settle for warmth from just one side when you can have it from all angles? A three-sided fireplace adds a touch of luxury and functionality to your living space, creating a focal point that brings people together. 
  4. Modern Stone Fireplace: Embrace sleek lines and contemporary design elements with a modern stone fireplace. It’s all about that sophisticated, cutting-edge look that will make your space feel like a work of art. 
  5. Black Stone Fireplace: Ready to make a bold statement? A black stone fireplace is the way to go. It adds drama and contrast, making your fireplace a true centerpiece that demands attention. 
  6. Natural Stone Fireplace: Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a natural stone fireplace. The unique patterns and colors found in natural stone create a sense of wonder and tranquility, making your fireplace a natural wonder. 
  7. TV above Fireplace: Since the focal point of your room is usually grounded by a fireplace, it also happens to be the perfect spot for a TV. Struggling to see what this looks like? Check out our Inspiration gallery.
  8. Fireplace with built-ins: It’s so convenient to add bookshelves or cabinets on either side of your fireplace for a complete built-in look. Check out our Inspiration gallery for ideas!
  9. Fireplace Hearth Stone: Don’t forget about the hearth! Enhance it with a beautiful stone finish that adds both functionality and visual appeal. Hearth stones for fireplaces come in a range of styles and materials to complement your overall fireplace design. 
  10. Stone Fireplace Mantels: Add character and style to your fireplace with a stunning stone mantel. Whether you prefer a carved limestone mantel or a sleek granite shelf, a stone fireplace mantel will elevate the overall look and make your fireplace truly unforgettable. 

Conclusion And there you have it! By updating your brick fireplace with stone, you are embarking on a journey to transform your space into something extraordinary. It’s a chance to let your creativity soar and create a stunning focal point that will steal the show. So, go ahead, embrace the beauty of stone, and turn that fireplace into a true masterpiece that will leave your guests speechless. 


  1. Can I update my brick fireplace with a stone surround on my own? Absolutely! It’s a great DIY project. Just make sure you have some basic knowledge and skills or consult a professional if needed. Please see two YouTube videos for guidance. Remember to always follow local building codes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgIS-NwRrOU&t=133s, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q2Awsjumm0&t=103s 


  1. How much does it cost to update a brick fireplace with a stone surround? The cost can vary depending on factors such as the type of stone, labor involved, and the size of the fireplace. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from reputable suppliers and contractors. 
  1. Do I need to remove the existing brick before adding the stone? Nope! In most cases, you can install the stone directly over the brick using the right adhesive and techniques. 
  1. Can I update my fireplace with stone if it has a gas insert? Absolutely! You can update your fireplace with stone even if it has a gas insert. Just make sure to consult a professional to ensure proper installation and adherence to safety regulations. 
  1. How long does it take to update a brick fireplace with stone? The timeline can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design and the size of the fireplace. It is best to consult professionals for a more accurate estimation. 

Before you go, make sure to check out RealStone Systems for more inspiration, design trends, and expert advice on updating your fireplace with stone. Happy transforming!